Message From MD, September – 2023


The month of August witnessed a lot of preparatory jobs connected with the new project “Asset Golden Sands”-Beach Road, Kozhikode, a 786-foot skyscraper, which is supposed to be the highest in Kerala. We’ve diligently selected consultants, engaged with contractors, and taken cues from notable projects in Dubai and Mumbai.

Creative ideation with world-famous celebrity Ar. Sanjay Puri and his team regarding the Township projects at Trivandrum and Cochin was a remarkable experience in my business life. Also, the seminar on affordable housing by KRERA and business meetings with Markaz Knowledge City Calicut were highlights of the month. The stone-laying ceremony of Asset Zenith, Kozhikode was conducted successfully. I welcome Mr. Mohammed Ali to our family as a stakeholder investor in this project.

Another milestone was our strategic alliance with M/s. Ambica Constructions, Bangalore. This collaboration promises to deliver quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness. This collaboration will definitely redefine India’s Real Estate Landscape. Mr. Praveesh Kuzhipilly, Founder and Managing Director of Ms. Ambica Constructions, have signed the agreement with me on the auspicious occasion of Chingam 1 (August 17). We will likely witness exciting times ahead as both organisations are set to leverage our combined expertise, knowledge, and experience to deliver a wide range of groundbreaking projects across India as a consortium. I take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome the family of Ambica Constructions, who made such a historic decision.

August 23rd, 2023- India made history by becoming the 1st country in the world to land near the moon’s South Pole. As a business organisation, we have much more to learn from this event than feeling proud and happy about this achievement. While the technical expertise, scientific research, and execution experience were crucial, Chandrayaan 3’s success can also be attributed to effective leadership. The three most important leadership lessons to learn from this success are Connect, Develop and Inspire.

We all remember the video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi consoling Dr K Sivan, former chief of ISRO, after the significant setback faced during Chandrayaan 2. When the entire world laughed at us, the political leadership showed great care for the team and encouraged them to look ahead and not lose their heart. They also expressed that they still had complete confidence in ISRO and India’s space program to learn from the failures and succeed.

The entire ISRO team focused on improving continuously through collaboration and sharing ideas from multiple teams like the navigation guidance and control team, propulsion team, sensors team, and mainframe subsystems group. The collaborative effort among diverse teams within ISRO highlighted the leaders’ ability to foster collaboration and teamwork.

The senior management of ISRO inspired the team with a shared vision and motivated them to perform at their best, which can lead to higher levels of dedication and productivity. This could be seen in how they encouraged the team to eat, sleep and breathe Chandrayaan 3 after the setbacks faced during Chandrayaan 2. Today, the team inspired by these leaders has left a mark on the Moon!

I would like to see the leaders in our organisation displaying such leadership behaviours to create high-trust, high-performing teams that provide sustained business results. We at Asset Homes need to develop a Connect-Develop-Inspire framework to help us measure how our leaders connect with their team, develop their skills and inspire them to give their best. Combining this framework with AI-powered leadership analytics and development platform, we should be able to create great people leaders at scale in our organisation.

The impact of the same shall be to reduction in attrition, Improvement in engagement, Increase in sales and creation of a leadership pipeline. I request the top leaders of this organisation to inculcate such leadership competencies, which help you build great people leaders and a great team. My sincere wishes for the fulfilment of this big dream.

Warm regards

Sunil Kumar V
Founder and managing director

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